What's All This?

Welp. The Kooks are at it again. There are some new faces in the crew and the route has changed but the spirit of adventure remains. This time round, the Kooks will undertake an overland campaign covering 2,500 miles of India’s world renowned and orderly road network from Bengaluru to Jasialmer.

For this journey, no longer do the Kooks have their mighty Skoda Fabia’s (correction: ‘Skoda’ singular) to charge through deserts, mountains and streams. No, They’ve traded those in for a more nimble vehicle to tackle this journey, the Rickshaw. With an earth-shattering 7hp packed into the 145cc two-stroke engine, the Kooks are sure to storm through India at breakneck speed like molasses flowing uphill on a cold day. The Rickshaw is optimal in all design aspects and even drops that 4th wheel that nobody really knows the point of.

The purpose? To join a prestigious society of vagrant fools who have also conquered...

The Rickshaw Run

To take a more sobering tone, the run will not start where originally intended due to the horrific floods that struck the Kerala region in southern India as rain not seen in a century swept the area at the cost of nearly 500 lives and thousands of homes. It seems only fitting then that the Kooks use this epic trip to try and give a little back by raising funds for those impacted by the floods of Kerala. We will be teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to raise money to put roofs over the heads of those who have found themselves homeless.


What the hell is a Kublai Kook?

To understand, let’s break that up in it’s two parts:

Kublai: Grandson of the infamous Genghis and fifth Khan of the Mongol Empire. Kublai loved a drink and ruled over a quarter of the earth’s population with an empire sprawling from the Sea of Japan to the Danube in Germany.

Kook: A mad or eccentric person whose ideas or actions are eccentric, fantastic, or insane: a screwball, odd fish or queer duck..

Well…that sums it up really. The Kublai Kooks are a bunch of mad adventurers trying to conquer the world one pint at a time.


What is this Rickshaw Run you speak of?

In the age of Google Maps, Uber and...selfie sticks (shudder) the Rickshaw Run attempts to bring back a touch of swashbuckling to our dull existence. We’ll set out to accomplish what Columbus coudn’t: travel to India and swim in it’s riches of spice and gold. The rules of the Rally are gloriously simple…

  1. The Goal: Drive the length of India.

  2. Give Back: Raise funds, save the world.

  3. Support: None. You're on your own!

  4. Your Vessel: A grunty 145cc Auto Rickshaw.

The team at The Adventurists have all the info you'll need about the Rickshaw Run and more. Check out their promo video and wrap your head around this crazy adventure by clicking the button below:

India eh?

Although it is only one country, what a country India is. The 2nd largest by population and 7th largest in terms of landmass. No shortage of people to meet and land to cover, it is bound to make for a truly epic adventure.

Bangaluru to Jaisalmer is a hell of a long way to drive in a Rickshaw isn’t it? Correct. In true Kook fashion though, we’ve managed to stretch it even further by kooking the route a touch and stretching it to just over 2,500 miles. Why? Because there’s a lot to see damnit and straight lines are boring.

Check out the madness of our kooky route by clicking the button below:


Kooks For Kerala


a Truly Worthy Cause

The Adventurists’ mission statement is simple “make the world less boring and save a bit of it too”. It's only fair as we go out of our way to see all the world has to offer that we make an effort to give a little something back.

While the Kooks were spread across the globe excitedly anticipating the journey, a horrific flood struck the intended start location. Rain swept through the Kerala region in southern India in magnitudes not seen in a century at the cost of nearly 500 lives and thousands of homes.

It seems only fitting then that the Kooks use this trip to try and give a little back by raising funds for those impacted by the floods of Kerala. The Kooks will be teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to raise money to put roofs over the heads of those who have found themselves homeless. 

After the extreme generosity shown by our donors in smashing the original $1 per mile goal, the new aim is to raise $1 for every kilometer the Kooks travel (approximately $4,000). To get those donations flowing, we are offering small incentives for reaching the following pledge targets:

  • $20 - Travel with us in spirit and have your name sketched on one of our Rickshaws with a pic to prove it!

  • $100 - ↑ + a postcard with a handwritten thank you from somewhere along our journey. Blessed by a monk.

  • $ TOP 2 DONORS $ - A Massive Thank You to Vaughn Tromburg, WCS Engineering and Gretchen Faulkner for being our top donors before launch!! They received the honour of naming our Rickshaws which we’re pleased to introduce as the Roofie Rover and Rickey Bobby!

Kooks for Kerala Donation Goal
$0 $4,000

Habitat for Humanity India

Habitat India has helped more than 319,375 families gain access to decent shelter as well as rebuilt their homes and lives in the aftermath of disasters.

Habitat India has been responding to disasters ranging from cyclones to earthquakes to floods and also implemented a community-based disaster mitigation and preparedness program which has trained more than 49,000 individuals. 

In the wake of the Kerala floods, Habitat for Humanity India, plans to build or repair 6,000 homes of those affected by the deluge.

Learn More



Who Are these Kooks?

A ragtag bunch hailing from across the globe, some of these Kooks conquered the Mongol Rally together whilst a couple are just getting started. Once a Kook, you’re in for life.

Josh McDonnelL

Josh McDonnelL

Captain / DJ

“Thoust who draweth the route, becomest the Captain”

Still the king of sick beats, Josh wanted to kick it up a notch this for this adventure and has shot through the ranks from lowly camp cook to captain of the ship. Can he steer this vessel clear of utter catastrophe? It’s a coin flip really.

Joel Tromburg

Joel Tromburg

Crooner / Team Yogi

The love child of Jack Johnson and Ghandi and recent graduate from the ‘Eat, Prey, Love’ Yoga Academy, Joel is sure to be in his element.

Although when he’s not finding inner peace and swapping Instagram handles with Bollywood stars, he’s still the accountant. Someone has to cook the books.

Mike Willson

Mike Willson

First Mate / Medic

Yep. Medic. You read that correctly. Our can crushing Kiwi has completed his First Aid course which amongst this crew pretty much makes him a Trauma Surgeon by default.

In addition to saving lives, Mikey will nudge Josh back on course as he inevitable veers off it.

Marie-Therese O’caiside

Marie-Therese O’caiside

Scribe / Adult in the room

Approached by multiple podcast producers for a piece of her childhood journal, Marie-Therese is the ideal scribe for the trip.

Working with 4-yr olds on a daily basis also gives unique insight into the minds of the Kooks. When the team gets a bit unruly, she’ll hand out lollies and calm the storm.

Andrew Faulkner

Andrew Faulkner

backseat driver

With no Visas to organise, no border crossings, no currency exchange, no cars to scrap, no Dave-O’s hanging around and no cats to herd, Andy is no longer Buzz Killington. So it’s time to just kick the feet up, open a Kingfischer and enjoy the ride.

This is the dream.

Carla Tarrant

Carla Tarrant

PR / Community Engagement

"She works in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It is her true medium; a master." - Carla’s year 3 teacher

Constantly dealing with druggies, derros and dropkicks, confrontation has become Carla’s forte. Who better then to be the face of the Kooks among the crowds.




The italian stallions

The Kooks have traded in their Skodas (correction: ‘Skoda’ singular) for a flash new pair of Rickshaws.

A Rickshaw? You’re going to drag each other across India like an exploited Japanese shafu? Not a chance. The Kooks are motoring around in the automotive brainchild of the Italian visionary Cooradino D’Ascanio. Italians are master plumbers, grow thick mustaches and boy can they engineer a damn fine automobile. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati…


…and the pinnacle of Italian design, the Piaggio Ape!

old and busted

old and busted

new hotness

new hotness

“Less is more.” - some dead lonely poet

Who needs 4-wheels when a tripod is far more efficient. 12 cylinders? One should suffice. A ground shaking 500+ horsepower? No thanks, a hundredth of that will do, Light and nimble. The ideal mode of transport to navigate the overcrowded streets and alleyways of India.

Unlike the dull examples seen above, the Kooks ‘Shaws will be dripping with swagger. Neither Xzibit or Vin Diesel will have seen rides as pimped, fast & furious as our Rickshaws. A militia of locals are currently putting on the final touches which will be revealed in due course but till then, below is our vision, we call it:

Three Wheels Meets Three Nations.


Just as with the last adventure, the Kooks will leave the formal naming of the steeds to the top 2 donors so follow the link below, be generous and you may be able to christen one of our Rickshaws ‘Farty McFart Face the Third’.


  Lend a Kook a HanD


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Support Our Charity

Support Our Charity

The Kooks gained a bit of perspective as the trip came under a minor inconvenience while an entire region was devastated by floods not seen in a century. We want to help them rebuild, it’s the least we can do.

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As per usual, the Kooks are flying blind on this trip. Although bought with good intentions, the Lonely Planets are dusty and unread.

We’re all ears so if you know any must-do’s on the way or have a mate over there keen for a pint, get in touch and let us know.