Kooks Control Center

Kooks Control Center: 75 Days to Go.

The weight of the Fundraising Campaign, Website Design, Social Media Presence, Car Decision (including Purchase & Fit Out), Insurances, Gear and the all important Visa Applications are starting to set it. With 5 nationalities to account for and close to a dozen Visas to apply for, we have quickly realized that the process is a logistical nightmare to say the least. We just presumed that if we rocked up to a border with a couple cigarettes,... bottle of vodka and a few cheeky bills slipped in a handshake, we'd be allowed anywhere. Turns out, in today's political climate, it's not that easy.

Luckily, procrastination is our strong suit and we don't work well unless there is a bit of pressure applied and perhaps a cold beer at our side. If worse comes to worse, we can always fall back on our original theory of good ol' fashioned bribery.