The First Kook-Mobile

Our Mechanical Messiah, John, has bartered his way to car numero uno for a steal @ £400! The Kooks are now the proud owners of a Škoda Fabia. The seller has informed us that it is essentially a Land Rover disguised as a compact car so our confidence levels are high that she'll cross the finish line in one piece.

Next step is to kit it out. We've put together a quick artistic rendition of our vision for your reference....still missing a few flame decals, mud tires and flux capa...citor but it paints a picture.

As for the name, this is something we are trusting in our donors hand. The two highest donors to either of our causes gets the privilege of naming our rides. So gather your friends, family and colleagues to all pitch in under one donation and you could proclaim our car as 'Sir Fabia Fart Face the Fourth' should you damn well please. So long as the names aren't likely to get us punched in the face or thrown out of a country, anything goes, so get that money donated.