Southern Kooks

The Southern Hemisphere Kook contingent gathered for an introductory meeting of the minds over the weekend. The intention was to hash out Visa concerns, develop a few Fundraising / Sponsorship strategies and tweak the Website.

As with all good intentions though, the gathering quickly unraveled into just a lot of debauchery and heavy drinking. At least the computer was opened at one point (merely for the photos if I recall)....I guess we'll call that a win.

Being the first time we'd ever sat down together and time ticking away before we would be trapped in a tiny car for the better part of 2 months, it was really anybody's guess how the night would unravel. Turns out we get along quite well based on our mutual enjoyment of crushing cans. Good news for the Rally.

Our group photos do little to encourage anyone that our photography during the trip will be anything worth looking at. We're hopeful that the Northern Hemisphere Kooks pick up the slack in that arena.
Next meeting? London. 10 days before we embark.