The Kook Fleet is Complete

What's better than one Fabia you ask? TWO Fabia's of course! Like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity, our Kook-Mobile has met it's clone.

That's right, John the Chosen One has come through once again with his bartering magic and secured us our second Fabia. Same year, same make, same model. Only difference is our new girl is red which as we all know adds approximately 5-10 hp and is 10 x more likely to get us pulled over by the local police.

he only fear is that these cars are almost TOO good to romp across the world in. We may have to kick the doors in a bit before the start line so we don't get ridiculed by our fellow Ralliers for having such flash rides. At least we can rest easy knowing they will be far from this condition when we cross the finish line.

For a whopping total of £1,050 for both cars, we have left plenty in the kitty for the most important step....kitting them out with bull horns, winches spotlights and the likes. T

REMEMBER! Get your donations to our charity First Descents and make them big so you can have a chance at naming one of these two pearlers! Group your friends together and put in one large chunk if you must as the honor of naming a Rally car is truly a prestigious honor. Just head over to our webpage @ and check out our fundraising tab or click the Donate button on the Facebook page. Either way, get those donations coming!