Drone Practice with Kia the Kook

Drones are fun. Editing videos is not. It’s rubbish and difficult. I tip my hat to all my graphic artsy mates out there cause your job is tough. The creative portion of my brain lacks a bit of the ‘gusto’ sometimes and for me to accomplish a seemingly simple exercise in creativity, it takes hours and strains me to no end.

That said, after half a year of owning one, I have realised that the video taken with this fancy winged robot is of no use unless I do something with it. So, in an effort to practice for the Rally, I took the Kia and fanged around the bush in Blackwater a bit and gave Video Editing a crack. The attached YouTube is the result.

Now then, I’m looking for advice, well ideally, I’m looking for someone to put their hand up and say, “You take the videos, and I’ll compile it into some epic footage that makes Red Bull look like amateur hour.” That’s the dream. If pro-bono video editing is not on the table though, some simple advice will suffice. What editing program do you use, is there a good ‘video editing for idiots’ crash course out there, what angles / video quality / fps do you suggest, is 4k too fancy for me, are all those swiping 3D transitions I used to think were cool in Uni when compiling my Power Point actually cool, what are some tunes that capture the essence of driving a shitbox car across the globe? Truly, any advice or recommendations will be taken on board and appreciated, just throw em in the comments or flick the Kooks a line.