Day 1 - U.K. to France

Kublai Kooks - Mogol Rally
Day 1 - July 16, 2017
Goodwin Racetrack, England to Paris, France
Country count: 2
KM/Mile count: 491/305...
Breakdowns: 5

Race Day!
The team, waking up in various areas around the campsite, could have used a few more days of sleep. Hangovers were of epic proportions. But it was race day and the start line awaited them. Though they may have been the sportiest cars of the lot, they weren't awarded the coveted green sticker which would have gave them the pole position. They would have to start from the back of the pack and play catch up. Millie had other ideas.

Overcast skies greeted thousands of Mongol Rally fans as the boys took to the track. Mikey and John were handed the keys while the rest of the bunch prepared the cameras and trash talked the other the competition. A quick swig of Buckfast to get rid of the shakes and they were off! Roaring down the track with 340 other ralliers, the Kooks were in good spirits. Meandering Millie, the Kooks' red car, would change that as she began to sputter down the raceway and was soon being passed by dozens of other reams. Maybe peeing in the gas tank wasn't such a good idea! YACKS, the Kooks' silver car, faired better, only being slowed down by a competitors spew slick projecting out the side of their van. Too hilarious!

What a fun run but it was time to get out of dodge. The Dover to Calais ferry was ready for them but not before stop at Mackers for a quick slash and barf. The sun was hot as they boarded and the Kooks were on the way to France. Country number two. Such a long way to go.

With Pete's gas for ride donation, they got to Paris after midnight. Greeted by an odd late night traffic jam and some aggressive drivers. They just had to find a hostel and a parking spot which proved to be a bit difficult. So did the unhelpful hostel front desk prick. It doesn't help that the Kooks keep trying to speak Spanish to any non English person. The language barrier will be prove to difficult. Kind of like trying to have a conversation with John.

Some Paris site-seeing in the morning and then off to Luxembourg. End transmission.