Day 2 - France to Luxembourg

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally
Day 2 - July 17, 2017
Paris, France to Luxembourg
Country count - 3
Kms/Mile count - 896/557...
Breakdown count - 6

After a much needed slumber, Josh, John, Mikey, and Geej got ready to hit some Paris tourist sites. Andy stayed behind to try to rectify his debacle and arrange to get the windscreen fixed. Pete stayed behind to work on his Kooks video and make a plan for his next move. The Uber arrived and took them to the most famous of all Paris landmarks, the Eiffel Tower. Quite impressive in person actually. And quite weird to see machine gun armed security everywhere but I guess thats the world we live in.

Next, they grabbed some city bikes and cruised through traffic to Champs de Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, and Norte Dame losing Geej in the process. This won't be the last time is this happens. Tickin off sites, it was realized that they'll only ever get a taste each place they would visit. Not a lot of time to explore on a trip like this. But all in all, these gents will see a shit tonne in the next couple months.

Once back at the hostel, it was determined that the windshield would have to stay smashed until the next stop. Faulkner failed them again;) After a short visit with Geej and Andy's Antarctic friend Tamara, they said good bye & thanks to Pete and headed to Chalés de Gaulle to pick up Joel. With a guitar strapped to his back, the last of the Kooks had arrived and the team was fully assembled.

The first of many pit stops proved to take more time than expected. They'd have to come up with a better system for shopping and gas stops if they wanted to meet their targets. Crossing the border into Luxembourg too late to meet their first camping reservation, they settled on an open one near the Belgian border. Making a few calls while on the road, they figured out they could get their windscreen fixed in Antwerp the next day and keep time.

Camping Simmerschmeltz was a great choice as the owner, Monique, understanding our plight and supporting our mission to raise money for charity, gave us our campsites for free and went out of her way to make us feel at home. And while trying to set up there tents and finding a few problems while doing so, they were donated a new tent by their Dutch neighbour Ramone, who was camping with his family next door. The karma pendulum was swinging their way and they were grateful.

A couple of cheeky pints and the boys were off the sleep. Next stop Belgium and possibly Netherlands. End transmission.