Day 3 - Luxembourg to Belgium

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally
Day 3 - July 18, 2017
Luxembourg to Bastong, Belgium
Country count - 3
Km/Mile count - 959/596...
Breakdown count - 6

Day three started early and efficiently as the team was keen to race to Antwerp, get the windshield fixed, and have a big night out in Amsterdam. Millie refused. Not even waking up. After a failed push start, John, the Kooks resident grease monkey (he doesn't care for that term), had to get out the tools again and try to solve the problem. Not the morning the fellas were hoping for.

After running though his checklist, and doing a bit of tinkering, he decided to check the fuel pump which was buried under the back seat. Much to his surprise, he found a family of mice had made a nest and had been hitching a ride from Scotland! Little buggers had eaten through some wiring and shorted the flux capacitor. A new fuel pump was found with the help of Monique and Ramone but it was just across the border in Germany. John and Mike took YANKS for the mission while the rest of the crew did what they did best. Crush beers by the pool. Cannonball!

It was determined then that a kitty had to be formed to pay for team expenses. It would make things a lot easier. Each Kook threw in 200 Euro to start then they would have to sort something else out once they started hitting a new currency every few days. Once YACKS returned and the fix was done, Millie purred like a kitten. It was a bit too late now to get to Antwerp so they found a campsite just over the border in Bastong, Belgium. They would plan for an early morning and had arranged for a new windshield to be delivered to the glass shop in town.

The new campsite was assembled and Andy's drone was brought out for a test run. So cool! The video quality is awesome and it's ability to herd cows is second to none. The team will be getting some great shots in the future. Some sunny beers were had and the team decided that due to the delay, they would have to unfortunately skip Norway. Its just to out of the way to walked to town for some pizza and a couple of local Belgian brews.

Feeling good, the boys called it a night pretty early and dreamt of Amsterdam mañana.