Day 4 - Belgium to Netherlands

Kublai Kooks - Mogol Rally 2017
Day 4 - July 19, 2017
Bastong, Belgium to Amsterdam, Netherlands
Country count: 5
KM/Mile count: 1315/817
Breakdown count: 6

Early start to the day as the morning sun baked the team awake. Probably shouldn't fill the air mattresses with the exhaust pipe any more as they tended to leak out at night. Andy and Mikey drove back into town to grab Meandering Millie and her new windscreen and finally Andy's F-up would be erased from their memories.

All packed up, the team headed to Antwerp for a nice lunch and of course more Belgian beer. Seriously cool main square area with lots of old architecture and a sweet cathedral. There was only time for a quick stroll around the city but they still enough time to lose Geej again. The Kook cars hit the road north to Holland and hopefully a big night out in Amsterdam.

Flat. That's pretty much how you would describe the drive. And a lot less windmills than they hoped! But the mood was light and the sun was shining and the cars were running fine. The crew checked in to a busy city campsite where they here greeted with a 6-pack of Heineken...of course, it's Amsterdam. Only time for a shower, the fellas were keen to get into the heart of it and do a bit of window shopping.

The train took them to the city centre and they quickly found a place by a busy square to people watch and order a few pints. And it was time to celebrate, the two 'Mericans finally got their authorization codes and all the boys will be going to Iran! With the smell of herb in the air, Mikey bought his trip hat, a hand crafted gem from a street artist in front of the restaurant complete with the Kublai Kooks logo. Feel loose, the gents went for a stroll to red light district to take in the sites.Too funny to see families waking around checking out the action. But when in Rome...

Bars and coffee shops lined the canals and revellers young and old filled the streets. Probably the most liberal of all places they will visit, the Kooks needed some java so into the kitty they went. But with coffee comes appetite so in the most important team decision they would agree on that night was made and truffles were purchased. Yummy!

After being kicked out of one bar - you can't bring outside food in, they headed off for pints while theirs meals settled. A couple of games of fingers ensued with Geej mastering the game in seconds and a new kitty was formed in his honour. The Kooks were soon in fine form and their bellies were aching from laughing so hard.

Feeling extra giddy, it was hit the streets. A complete assault on the senses. Colours, smells, chaos. As Mikey would say, "Things got a bit hectic!" Not two minutes after leaving the bar, the Kooks inenvertanly split in half and never found each other again. Joshy, Mikey, and John heading in one direction, Andy, Geej, and Joel in the other. The first group had a plan of attack from the start. Hit a shop and gear up. An hour later all they managed to do was walk in circles forgetting the mission altogether. Awkward conversations and gut busting laughter ensued only taking breaks to re-enter the the real world to, in Josh's case, empty his stomach and drop some weight for another go around. Maybe to a men's club.

Group two surfed down the rabbit hole seeming oblivious to the laws of physics. Up was down, left was right. Just enjoying the ride. Crying laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. What a great time to be alive! The thirst came again and they hit another pub. Then Joel turned into the devil and Andy took it as his queue to go. Mr. Responsible. The two were left wandering the streets enjoying the waves.

Although apart, the Kooks were all together in spirit and their spirit them took them to places...............choose wha..........can you help m.......shit, radios are breaking up. "Just got a message from John. It reads - 'I have bifbyd way tidbit held?' - Rubber Ducky?!".......End transmission.