Day 5 - Netherlands to Denmark

Kublai Kooks - Mogol Rally 2017
Day 5 - July 20, 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands to Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark
Country count: 7
KM/Mile count: 2266/1408...
Breakdown count: 6

Yikes. After the night before, the early alarm was shattering. Surprisingly enough, the Kooks all got up pretty quickly knowing that the day ahead of them would be long. Feeling like crap, they loaded the cars and left the sin city of giants. Not a lot of words were spoken or needed to be.

On to Amersfloot, where the Kooks met up with another KK donor, Ben, Andy's friend. After a delicious breakfast, a little shopping was in order to buy a few needed camping items. After giving the usual two horn salute they were off. Hours of driving lay ahead stopping only for a slash and of course to load the roofs with a couple of crates of German beer and spirits. Liquor is expensive in Scandinavia and this bunch usually thinks with their collective livers.

The weight of the car slowed down by about 10 mph so YANKS blazed by dazed and confused and pulled in the lead. Weather took a bit of a turn so they all prepared for a wet camping night. Three countries today. Not bad. Passing though some massive harbour cities and solar farms, the long day turn to night as the cars eerily raced across the crazy long bridge connecting to Copenhagen being pushed around by the wind and rain.

The free camping national park gate was closed as it was well after midnight, so the boys had to set up their tents in the drizzle and wet grass in a city park. Slumber came quick. Cane toads and slugs sang them to sleep. End transmission.