Day 6 - Denmark to Sweden

Kublai Kooks - Mogol Rally 2017
Day 6 - July 21, 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden
Country count: 8 (or 9 if you include Christiana)
KM/Mile count: 2906/1806
Breakdown count: 6

After a wet night sleeping in the park, the Kooks were well rested. It was the best sleep they've had since getting to Europe. Maybe it was the cool weather there in Denmark but more likely was because they were so exhausted from the previous night. After crushing some cereal in their makeshift open air breakfast nook, the team boarded the Metro and headed in to town for coffee meeting up with Katie, another friend of Andy's and Joel's.

Checking the ferry schedules once again, it seems that the boat from Stockholm to Helsinki was all booked up so they'd have to change routes again. They could skip Finland but would have time again for Norway. Damn ferries! Joel, the team's stand-in guide, suggested biking around town. It was a great idea as the boys peddled past old castles and waterways. The wide bike lanes everywhere made it simple to get around and only having a back wheel lock made hopping on and off easy. No problems leaving your bike anywhere in this city.

Little did they know they would enter country number nine (unofficially). Christiana, a self proclaimed country right in the heart of Copenhagen was set up by a group of squatters and has since remained with no official status. Normal Danish laws don't apply here. Stands selling weed and hash operated beside artisans, bars, and skateparks. Just no pictures are allowed as Andy found out trying to covertly get evidence of this stop. The beer cups will have to do.

On to the bikes again for some chow in the street food based warehouse. So delicious. The team was already a bit sick of gas station sandwiches so this was a nice treat. With the best meal they've had in awhile in their bellies, they settled in for the long drive to Stockholm throughout the afternoon. The roads were clear and fast and the lads were pumped to get into Stockholm for a bit of nightlife. They still needed to get a few supplies to tighten up their pack jobs and give them a little more room in the cars. If only Sweden had a store that could meet all of their needs and cheaply! IKEA would have to do.

The new bins on the top were perfect for carrying beer. But still no dog bowls for Mikey! What the hell was the team suppose to eat out of?! At least Geej would be able to use the huge parking lot to finally get behind the driver's seat for a test drive around the parking lot. And like a boss he nailed it. And almost nailed another car too! Maybe a bit more practice would be needed after all. But in a stroke of luck and because of the sudden jerk forward when he ground those gears, Josh's phone shot out from under the front seat where it had been lodged. It wasn't lost after all and Geej became a self proclaimed hero. All felt a nice dinner was earned so they classed it up, put on their dinnerware and went upstairs for some Swedish meatballs. After a quick game of frisbee, they roared away.

A painless ride into Stockholm allowed the non drivers to turn the cars into Club Millie, and YACKS Ultra Lounge. Singing, dancing, and general carousing ensued as the Skodas gained stares from every car they passed. They made good time not having to stop by taking a page out of the truckers handbook, but still arrive too late to think about hitting the big city. The boys pulled into a busy campsite in the nick of time. They quickly set up their tents, grabbed some bottles, and unsteadily climbed some rocks to a nice view point overlooking a lake and orange. If they would just cut down those f'n trees!

With a little help from John, a laugh-fest ensued where no one was safe from getting hammered with a left handed joke. "Is it getting darker?" The sun barely goes down at this time of year up in Scandinavia making for a great backdrop for a private concert from Joel, the Kook's resident musician. Awesome time and an important team bonding evening was had. They might make it after all. After a round circle of much needed snack munching, Andy laid out all of their pillows for them before they hit the hay. And he was very proud of himself for doing so. End transmission.