Day 7 - Sweden to Finland

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally 2017
Day 7 - July 22, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden to Ferry to Helsinki, Finland
Country count: 9
KM/Mile count: 2932/1822
Breakdown count: 6

After an awesome night and showering up, for some, the first time in a week, the six Kooks drove into Stockholm feeling fresh and ready to see the sites. The ferries had been sorted and the detour from the detour had been rectified. They were back onto their second original plan and would be taking an overnight ferry to Finland later in the day. Once again having to skip Norway.

Driving though the endless maze of tunnels heading in to the city, they decided to parked near the ferry in preparation for a quick exit remembering to lock all the doors. John had smartly (aka luckily) swapped the passenger doors on the silver and red Skodas giving the team access to the cars with either key. All their gear would be in these rides so they would have to be diligent in keeping them safe. They didn't like walking around with backpacks, only donning their Shinesty jackets hoping to capture the eye of some beautiful Swedish princesses, of which there were many.

It got hot early so they headed underground to the cave-like metro to ride the rails to the old town. Unfortunately missing the first one by seconds. The delay worked out for John though, allowing him to catch the train to love town. Stepping on, he was completely mesmerized by the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Give her a card mate!

Stockholm proved to be a super cool city. One definitely felt like you were in Scandinavia with their old beautiful building and crazy blonde hair. Walking up and down the cobble stone streets, to the castles and clocktowers, and over the many bridges. A round of Swedish beers, meatballs, schnitzel, and Viking burgers filled them up before heading having catch the the 4:30 ferry for the 16hr journey to Helsinki. Their shortest drive so far was on this day and now they were about to take a mini vacation. The only time times their cars would be travelling without spinning their wheels.

Hardly a ferry, more like a cruse ship! Complete with a mall, bands, restuatuants, bars, a casino, and the much needed wifi. Time to use up your right swipes! You've got a captive audience on this 13 level love boat. Unfortunately the average age was 50+ so it became though to set up any rendezvous.

Loaded up with their German purchases, the mates hit the sun deck to take in the scenery but not before losing Geej again. The scenery was epic. Sailing through endless waterways of tree covered islands and peppered with stunning cabins. Very familiar to some. This would be as far north as they would get on this journey. Once again, they would experience an endless sunset which can make it hard to sleep. The inside cabins with no windows would provide the kind of blackout they needed though the Texas Micky of JD would provide the blackout the didn't need.

Time to hit the casino and make bank. Jackets on, they hit the roulette table with intentions of parleying the kitty into early retirement. Mikey led the way with an early hot hand. Josh evened it out with a cold one. Everyone knows that in the end the house always wins. But they weren't in a house, they were on a ship. The ship was steady, the lads weren't and getting worse by the minute. The donated black licorice flavoured liqueur on the deck didn't help as they went ruckusing through the hallways before forming a massive dogpile six deep. Where was their f'n chaperone? Probably sleeping standing in the toilet - like a baucht een. End transmission