Day 9 - Estonia to Lithuania

Kublai Kooks - Mogol Rally 2017
Day 9 - July 24, 2017
Tallinn, Estonia to Riga, Latvia to Vilnius, Lithuania
Country count: 12
KM/Mile count: 3569/2218...
Breakdown count: 6

Good morning Tallinn! Thought no one in team Kublai Kooks. Lack of sleep of no rest days were starting to take their toll. At least they'll have some clean clothes. What they're not even wash yet? Mikey was not pleased. So much for early start again. Well, might as well go for breakfast. Andy, Geej, and Mike, the only ones up at this point, headed back to the main square to find some chow and write a few post cards, Andy making a new friend on the way. If only Mikey could find someone to sell him a stamp or tell him where a mail box is. Just wasn't his morning.

At least the donations kept coming in. That definitely lightened the mood. Their Cool Earth goal was now at 100 percent and First Decents were climbing. Much gratitude was felt towards all their friends and families. And also, their cars were running better than ever since the start of the trip.

They headed back to the hostel to pick up the rest of the write-offs who were still passed out in their beds. The long drive was about to begin. No one wanting to be lead car, too much thinking. No one wanted to be navigating. Too much thinking. Just got to get to Latvia. Then to Lithuania by nightfall. They were already weeks behind other ralliers but who cares. And a crane swooped in front of their car and they were at the Baltic Sea. A quick dip and a little Davo and they were off.

A very normal looking countryside again brought them to the city of Riga. With still another three hours to Vilnius, the team would have to make this one of the quicker visits to any country on the tour, checking out historic city centre and stopping for a local delicacy of dumplings. Onwards and downwards and enough stalling, time for the next set of drivers to take over...unhappily.

Joel's time behind the wheel was one of shear despair. Scratch your beard, scratch your head, drink some water, sing a part of a song, don't look at the time and repeat. That rainbow, your best friends, the best time of your life. Anything to keep focus and stay awake. But he toughed it out, like a trooper. Like a Kook. And so did the rest of the team, pulling into Vilnius close to midnight. A one km walk to the hostel gave them only a glimpse of the city. This wouldn't be a night of exploring, only sleeping. End transmission.