Day 10 - Lithuania to Poland / Belarus

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally 2017
Day 10 - July 25, 2017
Vilnius, Latvia to Warzawa, Poland or Belarus
Countries: 14 KMs/Miles: 4200/2610
Breakdowns: 6 Time @ Borders: 9h

Day 10! To the boys, it felt like two months. Lack of sleep, long days on the road, a little too much fun had started some of the team to get a little sick. But they'll hit 14 countries today. Partially because they have to split up today. Andy and Mikey were the only ones able to get visas in time to go through Belarus, on the way to Ukraine, the the others will detour to Poland on the way to Ukraine. Except for Josh who will meet back up with them in Moldova. Maybe its not sickness, maybe its separation anxiety. They've grown close.

No matter how hard they try, it's been hard to get out the door at the planned time even on a rare day they're not hungover. A pancake breakfast, then one more full team excursion to a cathedral and a lookout point to see all the red roofs of Vilnius. The Fab Four sped away in Millie sporting Davo as their new hood ornament. His head bobbing away with the bumps in the road.

The other pair headed out in YACKS visit Trakai castle just outside of town to get some sweet drone footage. Next, off to rip around in tanks and fire off their cannons. Not a better way to feel like a real man. Sadly these weren't really men, and their dick swingin' testosterone fest would have to wait as the tank company cancelled on them so the Terrible Two were off to the Belarus. At first glance, they suspected the process would take awhile. Little did they know... A line up of cars on the Lithuanian side was long at least things were moving. The issues came on the Belarus side.

Just pull in to the "Nothing to Declare" line of course. Easy peasy right? Nope. Wrong line. F. Have to declare YACKS. Even if you're just transiting. Ok fine. My bad. Luckily their new friend Sergei was there to help. Its always the best idea to make BFFs in a customs line right? but at least finally things are moving again. Only one more car in front. Then CRACK! BOOM! The loudest thunder and biggest bolt of lightning the boys had severed all power and communications at the border. Some would say it hit the place. Others would question that account. None the less: total shutdown. So close!

After three hours, restlessness was growing within the growing line. Yelling, arguing, berating border patrol in a rage seemed to be all the rage. Nothing could stop this crowd from an uprising. Nothing except for border cool guy pro that everyone loves, Sergei; pushing his lollies bringing smiles. "We're gonna be that rad soon brew.", the boys thought. But lets nap first. After their slumber a bullish woman came out and demanded they speak French. First border on the trip. 9 hours. Only 14 more to go. Yay! Finally rocking up to their hotel in Minsk at 3:20am, falling asleep when as soon as their heads hit the pillow. The Eastern Block had welcomed them with open arms of uninspired block apartment buildings a grey rainy skies. It can only get better.

For the other four Kooks driving to Poland, Davo provided the humour for this leg of the journey. Every passing car doing a double take and subsequently bursting out laughing, some even taking pictures. He may cause an accident! Poland did have a different feel to it, a little less normal. Having a night in graffiti painted Warsaw excited the crew finally pulling into their accommodation around seven. They were easily coaxed in to having a pint at the hostel which the bartender upsold to a pint with a vodka shot in it, a Polish delicacy. That pretty much ended any chance to see the city that night.

The gang stepped out for a kebab, narrowly avoiding flyerers trying persuade the quartet to come to their restaurant, bar, or strip club. They couldn't be coaxed though, it was back to the downstairs hostel bar for some live vagabond music or Polish rock and for shots. Magic John compared hairstyles with a cute Brazilian lass. Who wore it better?! Josh attempted to buy out the bar from the angry Polish bartender because it was so CHEAP! Nostrovia! Red faced Joel practiced his Spanish with a Madrid beauty. Claro! While Geej spent his time insulting everyone and getting away with it. As he does.

Geej was the first one to bail though, feeling like he needed a good rest for another day of not driving. His sleep was short lived as Joel returned snoring his sweet song. Josh followed later, several times, looking for the keys to the car, the door, and the universe. Later still, John knocked and started trowing his boomerang around. Down boy, down. Really, who needs sleep. Overrated. End transmission.