Day 11 - Part 2 - Poland / Belarus to Ukraine

Kublai Kooks - Mogol Rally 2017
Day 11 - July 26, 2017 - Part 2
Warsaw, Poland or Minsk, Belarus to Ukraine
Countries: 15 KMs/Miles: 4919/3057
Breakdowns: 6 Time @ Borders: 13h 30m


The important role of the navigator was never more apparent than when the three east bound Kooks entered Ukraine. These Skodas are right side drivers as they were born in the UK. Driving on the right side of the road make it impossible for the diver to see when they can pass. That's the navigators job, sometimes having to physically stick his head out the window to give the thumbs up. Communication between navigator and driver is key. Whether it be reading maps, on the two-way radios, playing DJ, sorting cords, or bird dogging.

The crew bumped along into the night and the darkness. Millie testing her shocks every step of the way. With the roads as crap as they were and on two lane highways at night, driving can be stressful and tiring. John was doing the driving. And fading fast. They had to find a place to sleep. This was the first country they didn't have data in so they would have to go old school and rock into a town and just find one. But the towns were few and far between in Northern Ukraine. And the towns they did find scared them away quickly. This place was proper weird. Straight out of the Twilight Zone. All unlit and eerily quiet with people scurrying in the shadows. "Let's get the f**k out of here."

Well after midnight and now with Joel behind the wheel, they inched their way towards where they were to meet up with Andy and Mikey the next morning. Not even knowing if the meet up place was an actual town or just a GPS point. There had been no communication with them since the day before. Maybe the two fellas could track the three if they had wifi as Millie had a Spot Tracker on top of their car.

Let's try one more town they thought but no dice. Snake eyes again. They can't even find a hotel let alone one open. F**k! "Why did we pack all the camping gear in the other car!" BANG! Millie bottoms out. The hardest yet. The sump guard John had installed being tested to the max minus a few bolts now. One more attempt to ask for more help fails miserably.

With no other choice they veered off the highway towards Chernobyl. Now after 2am and low on gas, they roared down these Ukrainian back roads tired as f**k. Not the position they wanted to be in. BANG!!! They bottom out again, this time worse then before. This is just dumb now. Time to stop this madness. This chapter ends with three grown men sleeping in a Skoda on the side on the abandoned road near a nuclear disaster site. Now this is travelling! End transmission.