Day 14 - Moldova to Romania

Kublai Kooks - Mogol Rally 2017
Day 14 - July 29, 2017
Chisinau, Moldova to Bucharest, Romania
Countries: 17 KMs/Miles: 6287/3907
Breakdowns: 7 Time @ Borders: 18h 25m

Although tired when waking, the lads had a great sleep. Being constantly tired is now the norm and 5-6hrs of uninterrupted sleep is a dream. Downstairs for a great breakfast spread and good internet, Andy and Geej started a solid morning admin sesh. Websites, blogging, fundraising, research all needed to get done and when you're moving so fast without really being able to get much done in the cars, they had to take the opportunity.

Joel worked the social media and attracted groupies for the team and for himself. He was also the CFO for the teams kitty (which is a pool of money the team pays for everything with.) The six man kitty going to a four man kitty and two man kitty when the team broke up and when Josh detoured, he had to start a four man kitty then a five man kitty when the they met back up in Chernobyl then back up to a six man when they picked up Josh. Whew! Then factor in changing currencies every day and everyone paying here and there, it can be a nightmare and super confusing. But his skills at creative accounting seemed to be working.

But first things first, Millie needs a doctor so John and Mikey took her to the Skoda hospital. Not too far from where they were staying but enough time to get pulled over by the police. With the cop not speaking English, the pair decided to play dumb. It wasn't a big stretch for either of them. The other three spent their time back at the hotel sorting out visas and finances while Joel set up a model shoot on the remaining Kook kar. Not hearing from the two in a while, they jumped in YACKS and headed to Skoda dealership, also getting stopped by the fuzz in the process.

YACKS still stinks inside. Bad. The 5L water jug had sprung while storing it in the back seat for the night, a few days back, and the stench has yet to subside. At the Skoda shop, Mikey and John's second place in the queue turned into a 45min wait for service. Moldova was losing ground in the amount of love the Kooks had for them and the fellas were once again falling behind schedule. But a new coolant temperature sensor was purchased and installed. Mille was alive again!

After that was all sorted, team found some parking and fired around the town square before settling down for lunch a Czech restaurant. A tasty lunch and a beer awarded them a bit more internet time, aka swiping left or right. Another hour and a half delay. Arrrgh, they should just give up on trying to make it out on the route on time. The roads were great though and they winding roads provided some fun driving. They hit the boarder which had free wifi. The love for Moldova was back! An uneventful crossing getting out, the Bulgarian side greeted them with a pot hole ridden roads at its entrance. Uh oh.

This time they were a bit more prepared; a few snacks and some games. FYI, when you play frisbee at a boarder, there is a 100% chance you will hit other cars! No real issues on the Bulgarian side either. Using their printed route maps and saying were on a car rally for charity seems to help a bit. 1h 50m. A new boarder record! Except for the border area, the roads became perfect and well marked. The Kooks are flying though the rolling hills and country side being careful not to hit anyone taking their bull for a stroll . What a beautiful place. And the eye candy is pretty sweet.

With getting in so late all the time, the party sometimes has to start in the car for the passengers. 1.7L for 50 cents. Grab a couple. And use the squatter, or not. But what goes in, must come out and there is a definite art to the bleeding the weasel while mobile. Some prefer to hang off the side washing the car in the meantime. While others shaky hands create a need for laundry and a near bubble. No worries though, the Kooks have been bubbling before bubbling was kool. The sun is shining and the fellas are singing and Davo is being handed off at 80kph like a relay race all the way to Bucharest.

What a awesome city! After dark now, the boys weave their way through the city with packs of high end cars. Old and new architecture blend together seamlessly. "Why didn't we get here earlier?!" Feeling loose and jugs full, they pulled into their hostel. " "Joshy!!! Get up and have some beers." "Naaaa, I'm knackered." After a long journey from Warsaw, Josh had already settled in for some hibernating. But the Kooks were back together! Thoughts of turning Bucharest into Amsterdam were thrown out and then thrown out. The potential for a beach day tomorrow overpowered any thoughts of clubbing was put to bed. They would settle for crushing a few more beers, talking to some fellow, and watching a weird light formation in the sky. What was that? Maybe they did go back to Amsterdam after all... End transmission.