Day 15 - Romania to Bulgaria

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally 2017
Day 15 - July 30, 2017
Bucharest, Romania to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Countries: 18 KMs/Miles: 6680/4151
Breakdowns: 7 Time @ Borders: 19h 28m

The Kooks had their earliest start yet looking forward to day ending in sand and sun. They also wanted to have time to spend some time exploring Bucharest. Only John had been here before so as per Kook kustom, he was voted tour guide. Wicked architecture surrounded them. Restaurant and bar filled streets made them wish they were staying another night. You could tell this place would be fun. With Joshy back in the mix, this six planned their next moves over breakfast.

They stop for a quick photo opp at the palace. John claims its the heaviest building in the world. His information seems untrustworthy. Everyone is always making up untrue facts about the places they're in. Andy leading the way in that. But, as per usual, it's time to leave. At least they are back in the EU and don't have to worry about a boarder crossing today. Oops, spoke too soon!

Although Romania and Bulgaria are both EU, they do have some boarder control. Mostly for making sure cars have their registrations, insurance, and have vignettes that allow you to drive on that country's roads. The team didn't have one (and was never told they needed one when entering.) The not so understanding boarder guard took for their registration papers charged them 6 Euros each. Not really sure why but they paid anyways. Then she said they owed 250Euro for a fine for not having the vignette. For each car. This fine was for a piece of paper that costs 3Euro. You have to be f'n kidding me! C-word! You had one job Andy!

Not wanting to pay and in turn causing a bit of a log jam behind, the Kooks were waved into a holding area. "Damn, why did we give her our papers and we got no receipt for the money we gave her already?!" Thinking they could have just ripped through into a new country on the lamb if they still help them. What could Romania do then? After a quick trip into the booth, the boys convened back to the parking lot to weigh there options and play frisbee to cool off. Their non-border crossing was no more and was eating up time, important beach time.

They didn't even have the cash to pay the fine if they wanted to. They decided to try to buy the new vignettes online and see if that would work. After an hour, a different boarder guard waved at them and John ran back. Now, in broken English, the woman now said she would settle for 100Euro for each car and some chocolate. John said we had neither and now there was a stalemate. But when opportunity strikes, you gotta take it. When she turned around to help another driver, John grabbed both registrations and took off. "GO! GO! GO!" Understanding the situation immediately, the Kooks jumped in the kars, and sped away. Fugitives on the run! Bad ass!

The managed to get the right stickers for the Bulgarian side roared away from the boarder up and down the winding roads barefoot at top speed. Feels great! Time to throw on some Beach Boys and Bob Marley. Feel good music. And time to start this party early. With scenic views all the and 2.59L filling their tanks, the mates rolled into Sunny Beach, a proper East Europe beach town, and couldn't be happier. It didn't happen if it isn't on film right?! the boys grabbed their jackets, jumped on the roofs, and rolled across the bridge drone following the whole way.

"Just give us any bed in any room in any room, we're losing daylight!" After some confusion sorted beds at the hostel, they hit the streets. Suns out guns out! Off the the playa they walked taking note of the entertainment finally feeling the sand beneath their toes and enjoying the fact the the Kooks have hit 18 countries since the opening horn sounded just over two weeks ago.

Picking pretty much the first beach bar they saw, the ganged plopped into bean bag chairs and total relaxation hit them all at once. After days of early mornings, late nights, tons of driving, and little sleep, this was a welcome treat. Beers, LITS, watermelon raki shots, and shisha was in order. And order they did. Everyone laughing and joking and adrenaline junkie Mikey, tried to slingshot himself to the moon.

The night only got more hectic from there. The degenerates made their way down the strip making frequent stops to reload or dance in a circle. Two for one. Yes please! The Kiwi and Scotsman had another shot of adrenaline, while the others continued to take in the action. The new baby faced John was not done changing his look either. And from the kitty, his new corn rolls were born. Only the essentials. Charging down the street, he picked up some German techno glasses and sprocketed up and down the boulevard joined by his merry crew of revellers spilling the drinks at every turn. Too funny!

The shenanigans went into early the morning and some Kooks had trouble finding their rooms when they went home. Others got invited to a private party in an apartment nearby. And though the party was raging, they were all asked to leave soon after they arrived. It was a fun night anyways. And in a weird way, new friends became closer friends. Uncomfortably closer at times. The last solo Kook decided to risk it. 50/50. So close! Oh well, they were better odds than trying to ride a water buffalo. End transmission.