Day 21 - Armenia to Georgia

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally 2017
Day 21 - August 5, 2017
Yerevan, Armenia to Tbilisi, Georgia
Countries: 21 KMs/Miles: 9497/5901
Breakdowns: 8 Time @ Borders: 24h 22m

Wow what a good sleep can do to change the mood. The cool dark room was heaven sent and the shut-eye was welcomed with open arms. Now don't get me wrong, put any Kook under a lie detector test and he wouldn't be able to deny that he'd of slept all day if given the choice but duty calls. And today's duties, eat an awesome breakfast at the hostel and rush around Yerevan to feel like you've seen it. Kooks mechanic, John, on the other hand, needed to give the car's some TLC so he stayed behind.

A couple of hours was all they had here so they charged to the central square passing countless restaurants and logos of which they were intrigued. It was the perfect place to challenge themselves with the logo app game that has occupied a lot of their time, especially at border crossings. And this was the perfect place as there were many high end stores about. They just needed a woman's help soon. Hell, there was just a lack of women in their lives in general.

They walked up the the Cascade Complex, an impressive modern art filled set of stairs that reaches the height of the city. Well almost. Something happened ten years ago that left it unfinished and three quarters of the way up with cranes rusting and rebar protruding everywhere. A beautiful day none the less so the boys, shirts off in the blazing sun, strutted down giving the Armenian capital a show for the ages. A cold drink or two were in order to cool off. And what would a morning detox juice be without a little gin in it! Back to cars to have a quick photo opp with some Swiss fans, who were mostly swooning over the Scotsman, and they were off to visit a monastery.

Rumbling down the uneven roads passing stand after stand of vendors selling water toys and blow up floaties. They must be going in the right direction. The lakeside stop was a good spot for Josh to treat the team to a lunch of Kabab flavoured chips and pink mystery meat. What is that? Horse? Sounds espensive. Joel, on the other hand, ever in search for the next Grammable shot, led the way up the hill to the old building overlooking the big Armenian lake. Then off again to Georgia only making one more stop on the way. John's need for speed gave the police reason to pull him over for going 70 in a school zone, though it was a little suspect as Millie struggles to get to that speed at any time and it was 5:30pm, well after school ends. Lucky for the fuzz, John was in a good mood and let the cop go with just a warning.

Leaving the land of Ladas and going back over the boarder was super easy but the stress the heat was putting on the cars was not. Reaching high 30sC made YACKS quite uncomfortable and Millie, well she was running hot so the fellas had to blast the heater to cool her down. Some aggressive driving brought them to Tbilisi and the search for their Air BnB which they were sharing with the U.K team, Stumped But Never Walking made up of Harry, Charlie, Matt, and Craig. They just needed wifi to try to contact them so they ducked into the first hostel they saw. Going down the stairs, they came across three scantily clan females...wait, what kind of hostel is this?!

The house turned out to be pretty cool with three levels and a roof top patio overlooking the city. And quite affordable when sharing between ten ralliers. Beers, wine, vodka, whiskey, and, unfortunately, cha cha (a type of vodka made from grapes) were all consumed into the evening in the open air. Then an almost delicious curry was almost enjoyed by all. Time to get gussied-up princesses, there's clubbing to be done! Rated as one of the top clubs in the world, the teams were jacked up. Needing to expend a little energy before hand, a round of Lizard Kings was in order. Geej reining supreme.

The club, strict on it'e entrance policy, made you sign up, give your personal Facebook link, and be accepted before you could enter (which they all did on the previous days.) No problems for most except Matt and Geej who didn't get confirmation. Worry about it at the door I guess. On arrival, the others shuffled in, Matt was allowed in soon after, and Geej, well, he got a a hard NO. "Face Control". What the hell does that mean? The non-English speaking bouncer was not budging either. 20 min pass and Geej ready to leave, the fellas pulled together with a "never leave a man behind" attitude and bullied his way in. Nice job sticking together lads. "I'm sawy, I'm sawy, I though this was God damn..."

The club was rocking, but not unreal, as the partiers kicked it to house music. Mikey and John off their rockers. Even Andy was raving in the middle of the crowd. Ever on the search for a better time, the fellas flip flopped between seedy corners and seedier toilets but would have to settle for drunkily dancing on smoke filled dance floors. This is Georgia after all not London, Berlin, or Ibiza...unfortunately. Little did they know that there was a techno festival on the Black Sea that weekend that took a lot of the crowd away from the city. And they could have made it there too! But still, definitely not the number one club in the world a long shot. At least they got to get some exercise after being cooped up in a car for three weeks. No stress on getting up early tomorrow. They were staying another night. Plus, it was already early tomorrow before they crashed that night. End transmission.