Day 38 - Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally 2017
Day 38 - August 22, 2017
Tashkent, Uzbekistan to Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Countries: 25 KMs/Miles: 14498/9061
Breakdowns: 14 Time @ Borders: 45h 45m

With their departure of Uzbekistan approaching, the boys were quick to rise and hit the road ASAP to make the 7pm border crossing closing time. Some tricky calculations were made over breakfast to determine the amount of fuel they would require and how much money it would cost them. They would attempt to leave this country with not a drop extra of crap petrol and no a cent amongst them of worthless currency.

The roads were laden with potholes and bumps but these Kooks had seen much worse so they were making good ground. A mountain pass saw their speed decrease to match the overheating trucks in front of them and tested John’s idling ability in YACKS but they were rewarded on the other sied with a nice roadside café for soups. Their charades skills were still subpar so the chef just took Andy to the kitchen to show what would be served. Looked good. A thumbs up and nod made the order and the Kooks were treated to a delicious soup.

Back on the road the Kooks were confident they would make the border well before the 7pm closing time. But as with everything of late, nothing came easy to the Kooks. Police checkpoints started creeping up every 50km and the Kooks were easy prey to be told to pull to the side of the road. All that appeared to come of these checkpoints was an officer who would ‘draw’ the Kooks passport details (since Cyrillic is their alphabet, English letters are written with the same ease as Westerners would draw Chinese characters).

Sick of the stops and not wanting to be stuck is this country for an additional day if they missed the border crossing, the next policeman who waved them down was giving a hello wave from the Kooks as they sped past. No flashing lights. Phew. 10km down the road a crazed man pulls up in a beat-up Lada waving frantically at YACKS, they just smile and wave back butt ignore his efforts to pull them over. The man tries his luck with Millie and she is a bit more receptive to his plea as they pull over. Turns out he was an officer. Damn. He escorts the Kooks back to the checkpoint to completed the pointless drill and the Kooks are off free from fines but short on time.

The Kooks pull into the border a exactly 6pm Uzbekistan time but are scared that the hour lost on Kyrgyzstan side of the border will screw them. To their relief this is not the case. Lights weren’t even turned on to search the bags in the dimming light and the only real questioning being around that damn $7 Shisha pipe they had purchased in Iran. That thing was so more hassle than it was worth. An easy border crossing with guards who were eager to leave for home saw them through in less than 2hrs which was quite rare for these Kooks. They even received a small treat on the exit which would turn out to be a cheese curd delicacy in this part of the world. Gross. The Kooks wanted candy and were quick to spit out the sour imposter.

Rolling into Osh was a welcome sight for the Kooks. Neon lights advertising restaurants, pharmacies, banks and hotels were lined up and down the streets. Pulling up to the recommended hotel, another welcome sight befell them, fellow Ralliers! An entire 3-team convoy to be precise. The Kooks decided to stay there and share some beers with the other teams but after a quick meal with a pestering drunk DJ, exhaustion overcame them and they were passed out well before any comrades could be found. End Transmission.