Day 41 - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally 2017
Day 41 - August 25, 2017
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Countries: 26 KMs/Miles: 15200/9500
Breakdowns: 14 Time @ Borders: 44h 0m

Andy was up bright and early taking care of business, getting shit done, after having an early night. It turns out that drinking until 5am does not make it easy to get up early and get chores done. So fair to say that Mike, Josh, and John were a little slower to drag themselves out of bed looking like death had cast his siecle. They had also picked up a straggler on their adventures the night before with Patrick found lying on the ground on the hostel room. Seeing him in his defeated state made the Kooks feel a little better about themselves.

Everyone had a list of chores to do for the day. Andy was all over general interneting (website, route navigation, and border crossings), Josh had to go get his visa and pick up a few bits and pieces for camping, and John and Mike were tasked with going to the car bazaar to pick up a large list of car supplies.

Mike and John headed off still drunk from the night before and feeling worse for wear. It was a stinking hot day with cars pulling out everywhere on the jam packed roads and pedestrians walking out in front of them. After getting all of 1km down the road they realised they had forgotten the springs to compare to the new ones they wanted so they turned back. After getting another 2km down the road they realised they had forgotten the spare wheel that needed replacing. FFS. That was just going to have to wait until another day. There’s always tomorrow right!? This was going to be a long day.

The car bazaar was a busy place made up of shipping containers which were piled two stories high. Walking around there seemed to be a lot of shops selling all sorts of goods. The people here seem to be a clear mix of two types of heritage - Mongolian and Russian. There were women walking around with little carts selling drinks and food, and everyone seemed to have an eye problem with the boys.

They managed to find a guy who seemed to sell everything with half of the bazaar keen to come over and help out. First things first was the springs. The goal was to crank the car up so they could fly over any bump or pot hole. You wouldn’t believe it but he had them. After running around he came back with a bunch of springs. It looked like the back ones were spot on but they were unsure of the rear ones so only bought one set. They inquired about a bunch of other parts but were unsuccessful. The boys found a new jack as the old one had given up and grabbed a light bulb. Hardly the extent of the list but at least they had accomplished something.

After a feed they headed back. Everyone was beat so while Andy ran to do some postcards the boys took a little time out for safety and got horizontal. When they rose John set to turning the red car into a monster truck. A few other ralliers had blown into town. The Kooks were finally starting to catch up with other cars and had some amigos to trade battle stories with. After a couple of hours hard yacka the red car was looking like a tank. There was no way Yacks was going to have any ground clearance issues. Any other work was going to have to wait, it was beer o’clock. There’s always tomorrow right!?

All the ralliers headed to the restaurant from the night before. The place was pumping compared to the night before. The beers and yarns were flowing. It was kind of nice for the Kooks to get some good time in with people other than themselves after being so cut off from the rest of the rally and the rest of the English speaking world over the past few weeks.

A few of the ralliers wanted to push on but the Kooks were in tatters. A clear indication of how much they had been burning the candle at both ends. The boys crawled into bed broken. End transmission.