Day 50 - Khovd, Mongolia

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally 2017
Day 50 – September 3, 2017
Wild Camp, Mongolia
Countries: 29 KMs/Miles: 18534/10978
Breakdowns: 15 Time @ Borders: 53h 15m

The hostel was a bunch of gers setup with beds, which are the traditional Mongolian huts. Everyone was very hung over and had slept in. They grabbed breakfast at the restaurant next door and discussed the plans for the day with everyone. Aquaduck were keen to do the slower northern route but the convoy were doing the southern route. After the convoy had helped the Kooks out in the past it seemed to make sense to stick with them. Bugger. See you at the finish line Aquaduck. The Kooks had planned on buying a motorbike that day and going somewhere to see eagles but they had slept in too late. Luckily one of the Germans had a similar idea and had bought a bike off a local for $150. Keen to get in on the action it was decided that the Kooks would put in for the bike and we’d all take turns riding it.

After grabbing some groceries and waiting around some more it was finally time for the convoy of about eight vehicles to get away. It was 12:30pm and they needed to go 400km every day for the next four days on shit roads to make it to the finish line on time. Convoy life was fun but it certainly was slow. This could make for some late nights driving.

Pulling out of town the convoy looked bad ass. The Kooks quickly pulled off the road and did some real Mongolian driving. Easily distracted the Kooks spotted a big lake and decided to go have a swim in it while the convoy carried on. This would certainly wash away the hangover. After a quick photoshoot and a drive past some yacks the Kooks were back on track. The roads began to disappear and soon turned to gravel. They quickly caught the convoy having 4x4 tires and the extra height. John had given the Kooks the best opportunity to finish the race.

Andy was having so much fun driving the gravel roads he got a bit ahead of the convoy. They pulled over to do some running repairs on their roof rack and wait for the convoy. An hour passed and no sign of them. Maybe the convoy had taken a wrong turn? With the day disappearing the Kooks decided to push on. There seemed to be a big road being built on the same route as they were on thanks to Chinese mining companies but it was still under construction. The road weaved back and forth over it for a long time before parting ways. There is literally a wide valley and there are no roads but paths where clearly vehicles have driven in the past. All roads lead to Ulaanbaatar apparently!

It was getting dark so the boys called into a town to get some petrol, food, and Wifi. Tucking into dinner one of the Aussie boys walks in. Perfect! The motorbike had no oil and had seized so that was why they had taken so long. They had at least traded it for a bottle of vodka and a smell jacket at least, and some of that vodka was the Kooks. About to leave town the convoy decided they wanted dinner as well so everyone returned to the same restaurant. It was decided to make camp just out of town. They had only managed 200km and the roads were about to get a lot worse. This wasn’t looking good. End transmission.