Day 52 - Ulaanshiveet, Mongolia

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally 2017
Day 52 – September 5, 2017
Wild Camp, Mongolia
Countries: 29 KMs/Miles: 19739/12337
Breakdowns: 15 Time @ Borders: 53h 15m

After the productive day the day before and after sinking a fair few vodkas, the Kooks had decided to wake up at 6am to hit the road when the sun was coming up. Still rolling drunk from the night before they powered down some leftovers from the night before and hit the road. They had a couple of hundred more kilometres of non-existent roads to do before the next big town. Josh was the man for the job and set a good pace until the 4x4 tire blew again. Bugger. The two spare tires were looking pretty bare but were going to have to do them for the rest of the trip. Cruising over hills and rolling through dried up river beds the Kooks inched further to the town.

When they finally arrived they bumped into Stananball and the postie bike couple at the service station. Kerrie was not looking her chipper self. It seemed that the Mongolian non-roads had taken their toll. The boys back windshield had smashed in the night so they were absolutely covered in dust. Their car looked like it was on the piss with a massive lean. Not long to go now guys. Keep your heads up and soldier on.

After walking around for ages trying to find a restaurant the boys were starting to get hangry, until they stumbled into a weird pub/restaurant. The lady showed them a dish on her phone and that seemed good enough for the Kooks. Mike and Josh shot off to grab some groceries while they waited and came back to see the woman still chopping vegetables. This could take a while. Mike and Geej shot off to see if they could get the tire fixed but quickly found out it was fucked. Damn. The spares were going to struggle to make the rest of the journey. Meanwhile in the restaurant Andy and Josh were being serenaded by the woman with an organ. The meal turned out to be alright and came with the usual milk tea and cheese curds hard enough to build a house with.

The boys had heard that the road was generally sealed for the rest of the way and were eager to see if they could possibly make it to Ulanbaatar that night. They were absolutely covered in dust and the thought of a shower was just too good, even if it meant driving late into the night. It wasn’t to be though as the roads began to deteriorate and it was looking like Ulanbaatar was a bit too far of a reach. They called into a restaurant on the side of the road where the woman called someone who spoke English so the boys could order. They filled their bellies with a heart stew and found a good camp spot a bit up the road. They were beginning to talk about the end of the rally. Not long to go now! End transmission.