Day 54 - Mongolia to Russia

Kublai Kooks - Mongol Rally 2017
Day 54 – September 7, 2017
Wild Camp, Russia
Countries: 29 KMs/Miles: 20610/12881
Breakdowns: 15 Time @ Borders: 55h 15m

The Kooks were keen to go and check out a Chenggis Khan statue that was a bit out of town so they had arranged for a driver to take them. The 9:00am get up for the drive seemed sensible enough the day before but was far from appropriate after the night’s antics. The Kooks were all still blind drunk as their driver began the slow hour long crawl out of the city. The driver seemed to be a fan of the Michael Jackson and Eminem the Kooks were blasting even though he didn’t speak English.

Sitting in the middle of nowhere all of a sudden there’s a massive silver statue that appears from around a hill. Fwaahh! The thing is ginormous. Way bigger than what was expected. You can even go inside it and get on the horses head. After a bit of walking around the boys did one of their last photo shoots and treated themselves to a beer in the restaurant. It gave them a bit of time to reflect. All the hard work had been done and all that was required of them now was a cruise to Ulan Ude. It was a welcome change to not have massive days planned out ahead of them. Only one border crossing to go. How would they adjust back to real life!?

Shining on in their blazers the Kooks were a hit with the other tourists and had a bit of banter with a few passersby. On the way out they grabbed some photos with an eagle and a condor which felt obligatory when in Mongolia.

Back in town they braved the ice cold shower again and went out for some lunch. The restaurants here were proving to be god damn delicious. The slog out of town was slow as all the Prius passed the Kooks who were trying not to destroy the car so close to the finish line. The roads turned to custard once more for them with massive pot holes and sections of gravel. Very fitting. As it got dark the Kooks eyes beamed onto the road. They passed a busted car and a dead cow and were determined not to be a statistic.

The border crossing took a few hours but was nothing different to what they had been accustomed too. Thank god this was the last one. The Russian border guard found it absolutely hilarious when they opened the “kitchen” box to find a shed load of vodka. After the border the Kooks found a forest where they spotted a flat section of land for their last night camping. This was bear country. Cold beer country. It was strange to think that this would be their last night sharing tents.

Tomorrow the Kooks were aiming for the finish line and Ulan Ude. It really is a crazy though that this emotional roller coast could soon be over. It’s a strange feeling. This is the last blog from the Kooks. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and shared in this absolutely crazy, life changing, mind blowing, adventure we’ve been on. From all the Kooks we thank you for all of your messages and support as well. It’s been a hell of an adventure. Bring on Ulan Ude. Signing of for the final time – shine on, stay weird.