Day 55 - Ulan-Ude, Mongolia

The Kooks have done it. 
55 days. 29 countries. 12,881 miles/20,610
Countless pivas (beers)

Done. Tick. Finished. Finito. The Kooks have mother fucking done it! Break out the god damn champagne! The culmination of a year's planning has come to an end. It certainly has not been easy and unfortunately getting every teammate (and car) across the line hasn't been achievable. But damnit, these crippled and disheveled Kooks have crossed the line against all odds.

The feeling is indescribable so we won't attempt to describe it. It really is a crazy mix of emotions which summarizes the rally perfectly. What we will attempt, is to show our appreciation to those who have helped along the way. To our friends and family who have followed from home and generously donated when they could, to our fellow Ralliers who have stood besides us with a war-story and beer, and to the strangers along the trail who have lent us a helping hand. Thank You. We are not on the podium without you. The Kooks are truly humbled by the feedback we have received and can't thank you enough.

We have raised a whopping $11,404 for First Descents which is $1,477 shy of $1 / mile. So although we have accomplished our drive, we are still short of our goal. But we will get there. We've come too far not to. So dig deep, tell your friends, donate $1 and help these Kooks give back to those who need it.

Come hell or high water, Kooks prevail.