A kooky way to see india

The Kooks have never been a fan of a straight line, tending instead to travel a route that resembles a drunk attempting cursive with his left hand. This trip will be no different. The Kooks are managing to stretch Bengaluru to Jaisalmer into just over 4,000 kilometers (around 2,500 miles for you Yanks out there). With only 2 weeks to cross the finish line and a Rickshaw with an engine smaller than most lawn mowers to get them there, it’s bound to be strenuous journey testing friendships along the way. Why make things easy though? Where’s the fun in that?

The Kooks are dreaming up a bucket list to tick on the way:

  • Sipping back some Jal-jeera Mojitos on the beaches of Goa;

  • Comparing the Statue of Unity to her northern cousin, Liberty;

  • Stalking Bengal Tigers in Ranthambore;

  • Fighting the crowds at the Taj Mahal;

  • Conquering the Rajasthan desert on camel back;

  • Living like a true Raj of old in Jaisalmer Fort;

  • Finding some inner peace along the way between the beers.

Check out the originally planned route below and feel free to contact us here to suggest any local attractions, sights, or free couches to rest our heads on.